Mysteries of the Mayan civilization

Mysteries of the Mayan civilization worry the minds of millions of people. The amazing buildings built by this people many centuries ago amaze not only with their scale, but also with their unique technologies. Scientists still can not understand where the Mayan civilization had such knowledge and tools for creating stone buildings.

Phrases that negatively affect children

It's no secret that children perceive the world in a completely different way than adults. And it is very important to understand in the process of education. If family and children are not just words for you, then the 15 phrases given below need to be carefully studied and to avoid these errors. Of course, you know that there are phrases that negatively affect children.

The cat saved the child's life

As you know, all people are divided into two categories: those who love cats, and those who prefer dogs. We hope that this video does not provoke opponents, because in the animal world sometimes the most incredible things happen. In the video below, on an outdoor video camera, an extraordinary case of saving a child with an ordinary cat was filmed.

Malaysian Killer Beetle

In the animal world there are many unusual phenomena. One of them is the Malaysian killer beetle, which we want to tell you about. This small insect, 1 cm in size, lives in Malaysia and East Africa. It has unique features that were discovered by scientists only in 2007. The killer beetle feeds on the entrails of insects, mainly on ants.

Kristina Lyaskovets

Kristina Lyaskovets - participant of the reality show "House-2". During her time at the TV show, she was one of the most talked about and attractive girls. Childhood and adolescence Christina Lyaskovets was born on April 27, 1990 in Minsk. It is not known exactly who her parents were and where they worked. It is reliably known that at an early age, her father left the family, so Christina almost does not remember her father.

What is gelatin made of

What is gelatin made from? This question interests many inquisitive housewives. Without this product it is impossible to make sweets, yoghurts, jellied meat, jellies and other dishes. However, not everyone knows what food gelatin is made of. It is worth noting that it contains proteins, vitamins and minerals, which our body needs so much.

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Interesting facts about guinea pigs

Interesting facts about guinea pigs will surely surprise you. For example, do you know that they have nothing to do with pigs or sea animals? Below we look at the most interesting facts about guinea pigs. 24 interesting facts about guinea pigs Many wonder: why are guinea pigs so called?

Interesting facts about the Moscow Kremlin

Interesting facts about the Moscow Kremlin will tell you about the history and secrets of the construction of this magnificent ancient complex. About the Moscow Kremlin is known all over the world. Once this fortress served to protect against opponents. Today, the Kremlin is the main socio-political and historical-artistic complex of Moscow, as well as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

Successful child

How much parental education influences a child and his future is a difficult question. Experts in the field of psychology do not give a definite answer to the question of what makes a child successful: genetics or upbringing. However, none of the factors can be excluded. That is why wise parents are trying to invest in their children the maximum of their energy, experience and knowledge, and specialists are developing original pedagogical methods.

Watergate scandal

A serious political scandal that occurred in the United States in 1972-1974, went down in history as the "Watergate affair." The result of this conflict was the resignation of the current president of America - Richard Nixon. An interesting fact is that the case when the head of the United States had to leave his post ahead of schedule is still the only one in American history.

Photo by Ramzan Kadyrov

Photos of Ramzan Kadyrov, collected in this post, are taken from public sources. We tried to find the most interesting photographs from the life of Ramzan. If you are interested in his career and personal life - read about it in the biography of Kadyrov. Here you can see only his photos with his wife, children, Putin and friends.

Interesting facts about birds

There are many different types of birds in the world. They live in different parts of our planet and are distinguished by the most extraordinary properties. Birds not only delight people with their presence, but also play an important role in the ecosystem. In principle, like all representatives of the animal world. This collection contains the most interesting facts about birds.

Demotivators (21 photos)

Do you like demotivators? Here is a great selection of 21 photos. We make sure that you can only watch the most recent and funny demotivators. Share on social networks those pictures that you like most. We hope that the funny images with semantic inscriptions will help you have a great time.

Quotes of Dostoevsky

Fyodor Dostoevsky - one of the world's largest writers. His works have been translated into many languages, and quotations can be found in a variety of books. In Dostoevsky’s biography, we talked about how his life went and what was remarkable about it. Now we bring to your attention the best quotes of Dostoevsky.


Oral folk art is the verbal creativity of the people, not writing down their compositions, but orally transmitted (word of mouth) from generation to generation. Oral folk art is also called in one word - folklore. Folklore (eng. Folk-lore - "popular wisdom") is not only a verbal verbal work of the people, but also a musical one.

Required English words

If you are learning English from scratch, then you need the most necessary materials. Actually, we take care of this and try to publish only such posts in this category. Before you go to the most necessary English words, we recommend you to become familiar with the English grammar in one ingenious cheat sheet.

6 frequent mistakes in Russian

Lovers of the great and mighty Russian language will like this post. After all, in it we will look at 6 fairly frequent mistakes of the Russian language. And for those who are truly keen on personal development, it is simply indecent to make grammatical mistakes! Our site already has an interesting article about the features of the Russian language.

Photo of Suvorov

If you are familiar with the biography of Alexander Suvorov, one of the greatest commanders of all times and peoples, then you might have been interested in his photo. Of course, at the time of Suvorov, you could capture your image only with paints on a canvas. So we picked up the most famous photos of Suvorov, or rather, a photo of his portraits.